Caleb Gattegno

The Science of Education


The Science of Education Part 1: Theoretical Considerations

In this first part of the three-part Science of Education series, Gattegno introduces the Subordination of Teaching to Learning and the science behind successful learning. He challenges traditional teaching methods, which rely on the memory of students, and proposes educating the awareness of students instead. He asks teachers to know "that they are persons with a will and that their students are persons with a will, and that in an individual, the will is the source of change."


The Science of Education Part 2B: The Awareness of Mathematization

This second part of The Science of Education series looks at mathematics as a recognizable yet indefinable process called “mathematization.” Gattegno argues that the number of talented mathematicians in the world doesn’t need to be left to chance, and that every one of us can be provided the criteria to enjoy the mental exercise of mathematics. This volume attempts to show how at least the first steps can be taken in this enterprise.

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The Science of Education Chapter 13: The Learning and Teaching of Foreign Languages

In the final part of The Science of Education treatise, Caleb Gattegno examines the role of awareness in foreign language learning. A focus is put on the relationship between the first language and the new language being learned. Since a first language is not “taught” and laboriously memorized, Gattegno argues that foreign languages are best acquired through similar processes.


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